Covina Body Waxing Salon




All services offered are for both genders.
But, if you're hairier than the average bear expect
to pay a little more.

You can go to any local salon to get body waxing services, but why would you?

Wouldn't it be nice to get body waxing at a place that just specializes in the art of body waxing? True artisans of the craft? That's our thought exactly! Body Barbers®, a place where qualified Estheticians study, practice and seek advanced techniques to make your body waxing experience a more pleasurable one.

So if you're not someone who enjoys pain and suffering give us a try, we'll bet you'll keep coming back to get lined up.


Nobody likes the smell of funk! Especially your Body Barber®, so be nice and freshen up twice before your appointment.


It's pretty simple. We wanted to create a boutique that focused on one service and to do it like non-other! We don't cut hair, give facials, or breath up in your face after we ate lunch with a piece of thread in our mouth. We simply provide body waxing services and each one of our Body Barbers® is damn good at it! Our facility is male friendly (try our Junk -N- Trunk), professional, private and has no receptionist, just you and your Body Barber® located in the Old Covina Bank Building in Downtown Covina.

When you come enter on the Citrus side near the black iron gates, look up and if you see our stache you're at the right place

Store hours: Mon - Sunday by appointment only. Call: 626-227-1167, or CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE